Tuesday, June 28, 2011

voices of angels

It's the same old song ... but she makes it sound so sweet:
vocalist Benita Arterberry and producer Greg Clancy adding
a solo overdub to a LITE FM jingle
Spending the week at TM Studios in Dallas, producing (well, watching the production of) a new custom jingle package for 101.5 LITE FM.

Creating a fully custom suite of jingle ID's is a marvelous process to witness.  You walk in on Monday morning with a blank Pro Tools screen ... and walk out on Wednesday afternoon with a nearly finished imaging package.  In between are rhythm sessions ... percussion ... group vocals ... solo sings ... and additional guitar overdubs.  (Of course, it all has to be mixed and mastered -- a process which consumes a skilled engineer for the better part of several more days.)

Some of LITE's previous material lives on for other stations to consider on TM's Jingles site.  Search for the 'South Beach' demos; we've also repurposed cuts from 'Perfect Music', 'FM Yokohama' and 'Freshen Up'.  It's added up to a rich and varied catalog of musical ID's for an equally diverse radio station.

One constant is the vocal group that sings the LITE FM logo.  It includes writer/producer Greg Clancy and soloist Benita Arterberry, both pictured above adding those trademark soulful nuances to the next generation of logos for South Florida's refreshing 101.5.